Our mission is to harness soccer to protect, respect and support homeless and street-connected children.


Our vision is a World where all children are protected, respected and supported in reaching their full potential.



We unite a community from all walks of life committed to level the playing field for homeless and street-connected youth to reach their full potential. As a creative and discerning community we act locally and affect globally.


We listen to the voices of homeless and street-connected youth and offer them a platform to be heard. We listen to the voices of organizations working on the frontline and we create a space to share learning and affect change.


We believe that every young person, regardless of their background should have the protection, respect and support to reach their goals. We believe that every individual in society has the power to do at least one action to help reach this goal.


Young people should have a safe space to play, as play has the power to unite, heal and provide a pathway for young people to reach their full potential.


We challenge the negative perception and societal treatment of homeless youth, that often describes the children as being hopeless, drug addicts, and/or a threat to society. We affirm the lives of 500,000 American children (over 150 million children worldwide) impacted by a broken home, abuse, addiction, or being forced to live or work on the streets.