Summit kicks off Road to Moscow


Street Child United is hosting its third global Summit, in preparation for the next Street Child World Cup, which will kick-off just weeks ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Russia 2018.

The Summit is taking place in Moscow from 19 – 23 June, bringing together leaders and experts from a network of organisations working in countries across the world to support street-connected children. These organisations have been selected to organise the teams of young people to represent their countries at the Street Child World Cup.

The 2018 Street Child World Cup in association with Save the Children will bring together 24 national teams, both boys and girls, to take part in their own international football tournament, festival of arts and a congress for their rights, providing a global platform for their voices to be heard and challenging the negative perceptions and treatment they face.

The United Nations estimates there are up to 150 million children in street situations worldwide. These children are often discriminated against and stigmatised, and as a result mistreated and marginalised. Their rights are routinely violated and they are denied the opportunities they need to realise their potential.

The Street Child World Cup uses football to raise global awareness of street-connected children, offering them a chance to demonstrate their talents and potential, as well as to connect with others across the world.

The “Road to Moscow 2018” starts at the Summit, where leaders and experts will share practice, learning and advocacy working with street-connected children in their countries. They will work together to plan how their participation in the Street Child World Cup will support the young people’s personal development goals, and strengthen their existing work for the rights of street-connected children in their communities at home.

“We’re excited to host our global summit in Moscow – now under a year ahead of the Street Child World Cup. The Summit brings together an international community of incredible leaders of organisations working to improve the lives of street-connected children. Together we are stronger and together we can ensure the Street Child World Cup in Moscow 2018 will provide a global platform for street-connected children to make their voices heard.” John Wroe, Street Child United co-founder and CEO

The Summit is being co-faciliated by StreetInvest and will be supported by a group of Street Child United volunteers.